We get auto insurance quotes from 140 providers in seconds. How?

You need a reliable and affordable auto insurance quote. To get one quote you have to call, select options, be put on hold, yada yada yada. Boom. 1 quote. Took you 3 minutes. Easy right? Multiply that by 140 and you have 420 minutes. 7 hours later. Who has that time?! No one. But you have us. The Insurance Center. We get you over 140 quotes from the best auto insurance companies in California and seconds.

How does it work?

It’s easy. You visit this page. You fill out your information. We process it with over 140 companies that operate in California. We text or call you with your best quotes. What’s more, we getĀ insider pricingĀ that other people can’t get!

To recap how it works:

  • submit your basic info in seconds with our form here
  • we get quotes from over 140 California Car Insurance Companies
  • we get you savings in a matter of seconds as opposed to hours of research

Getting quotes has never been easier and faster. The Insurance Center is dedicated you to getting you the best possible rates in California from over 140 insurance companies.